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  Training Programs 
With over 25 years of research, teaching and training experience, we can offer multi-media presentations on all topics related to greenhouse vegetable production. Both general and specific training manuals can be provided as part of a training program.
Greenhouse Vegetable Training Programs-  
 available from Cuesta Roble Consulting
We offer On-Site Training Programs covering a wide range of options.
1. Employee training - basics of greenhouse vegetable production, with specific topics selected by management (i.e. pruning, pest control, irrigation/fertilization, harvesting, etc.)
2. Supervisory Staff Training - Advanced topics on greenhouse vegetable production, with selected specific topics.
3. Management Training - An overview of the important aspects of greenhouse vegetable production, with selected specific topics.

 Outline of  Greenhouse Vegetable Training Program from Cuesta Roble -

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Outline of Educational Program



 Training classes can be from 1/2 day overviews to    5- day comprehensive programs, as you choose.



Powerpoint presentations, videos, demonstrations, local field trips, training handbooks, and quizes/evaluations are all available.


Our fee for these training classes is based on a simple daily consulting fee, regardless of class size.