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Gary W. Hickman - International and USA Consulting Experience-

Most Recent Assignments-       

(click here for a complete listing of our foreign assignments)


  • USA- Greenhouse Project Orientation Presentation and site evaluation (on-site) (2011)
  • Dominican Republic- Greenhouse Vegetable Training, evaluation, recommendations (on-site) (2011)
  •  Iraq- Training Class- Greenhouse Vegetable Production for Agricultural Advisors (on-site) (2011)
  •  Italy  - Greenhouse Proposal Evaluation and Recommendations, 27 ha. (67 ac.) (desk study) (2011)
  •  Nigeria- Greenhouse Proposal Evaluation and Recommendations, one acre. (desk study)
    Qatar- Hydroponic Vegetable Operation- Technical Feasibility Evaluation, 235 ha. (580 ac.) (desk study)
    Bahrain and Saudi Arabia- Hydroponic Vegetable Operation -Technical Evaluation, 27 ha. (67 ac.) (desk study)
    Paraguay- Tropical Vegetable Production, including greenhouses (on-site)
    USA- Greenhouse Insurance Claim Evaluation- Independent Consultant (on-site)
    Jamaica- Greenhouse Vegetable Training- Multi-site. (on-site)
    USA- Hydroponic lettuce- Training & Evaluation of greenhouse structure, production methods. (on-site)
    Malawi- Greenhouse Veg. Technical Evaluation/Recommendations/Training- Multi-site (on-site)
    Russia- Greenhouse Veg. Technical Evaluation- 20 ha. multi-site Project (desk study)
    Iraq- Greenhouse Veg. Training Program/ Manual (desk study)
    ominican Republic, Technical Evaluation- 19 ha(47 ac.) Greenhouse Veg. Operation (desk study)
  • USA , -Horticultural Evaluation- 3 ha (8 ac) Greenhouse Tomato Transplant Operation (on-site)
    xico, Horticultural Evaluation/ Due Diligence - 375 ha(927 ac.) Greenhouse Vegetable Facility (on-site)
    Tajikistan, Greenhouse Vegetable Production, low cost alternatives, training sessions (on-site)
  • Honduras, Tropical Greenhouse Design and installation for rainy season vegetable production (on-site)
  • Republic Of Georgia,  4 hectares -  Design and Coordinate Greenhouse Tomatoes in bag culture. (on-site)
  • USA , 18,000 sq. ft. coir bag greenhouses- Horticultural Problem Solving (on-site) 


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