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Travel Adventures of a Farm Consultant
a collection of experiences from around the world 
 Gary W. Hickman, University of California, Davis (retired)
  copyright 2009, all rights reserved
This 108 page, full-sized book, is a collection of personal experiences of an international agricultural consultant. After working in over 25 countries on 5 continents around the world, the author of these more than 165 short stories gives a fascinating insight into the lives of farmers and their families, their daily conditions and problems, personal sagas, a little humor in difficult situations, and many interesting anecdotes from each country. 25 full-color country maps and 56 color photos are also included. A special " Travel Essentials" section gives a unique list of items to take and those items to just leave behind when traveling to some of these exotic places.

(To receive a free E-Book reader software package, which allows for easy reading of this PDF handbook as well as bookmarking, etc. please see the Adobe Digital Editions link below. Registration is required, but it is a free download from a well respected company. )


108 pages, "E-Book", $ 15.  Click the following link for ordering information:
              Travel Adventures order form
Quotes from the book-  click here