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Greenhouse Vegetable Producing Companies North America -
USA, Canada, Mexico (2019 edition) (emailed Excel file)

(note: all North American data is included in our 2019 International/World Grower/Company publication)

This report provides a listing of 894 North American greenhouse vegetable producing companies from all 3 countries, and includes each specific company's Internet link (as available) or other contact information link. 557 of the region’s largest producers are included, with contact information and size of greenhouse area. These largest producers represent over 6,235 hectares (15,398 acres) of greenhouse area. All USA and Canada growers are also indexed by State/Province. Over 800 grower email/phone contacts are also included.

Contact Information included for each company by country -
     Canada - 239 growers
     Mexico - 83 growers
     USA - 572 growers

USA and Canada companies are indexed by State/Province.

SAMPLE LISTINGS: (country, company, size, Internet link - as listed in the publication)

     Canada - QC  Jardin Nature 1 ha. (2 ac.) 

     USA - AZ  Nature Sweet) 136 ha. (338 ac.)

     Mexico - Agros S.A. de C.V. 17  ha. (42 ac.)

Item #8A    Price: $260    (emailed Excel file)

Order Form: Item #8A