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International Greenhouse Vegetable Production - Statistics
(2018 and 2019)

2018 Edition

Item #5A - A review of current world-wide data and research reports on the commercial production of greenhouse vegetables.

(includes a complete reference source listing as well as all North American data)

Total World Greenhouse Vegetable Area (est.) = 497,815 hectares (1,230,128 acres)

Current Statistical Data Review for:

  • International (130 countries)
  • North America- Canada, Mexico, USA - specific details
  • Over 230 data tables, 171 pages
  • All Individual USA States, Canadian Provinces and Mexican States
  • Included: complete Internet reference source listing, 436 hypertext entries.

    To view table index, click here.

    Price: US $395 (emailed .docx file)   Item #5A    Order Form

    2019 Statistics Update Supplement

    Item #5B - This 2019 Update Supplement, has all of the new information found since the publication of the 2018 World Greenhouse Vegetable Statistics. Although data in the 2018 master publication is not included in this 2019 update, the 2018 publication is also still available (see Item #5A). All data tables in the Updates include the Internet source link. This information is from official government statistics and published peer-reviewed scientific papers.

    Updates include:

    • 57 new tables and data links, all with direct internet source hyperlinks
    • 52 Countries with updated data

    The complete table of contents for this update is available here.

    Price: US $130 (emailed .docx file)   Item #5B    Order Form


    Item #5C - Both items #5A and #5B – This combination item has all of the available data in both the 2018 and 2019 statistics publications. A 10% discount is applied when purchasing both #5A and #5B together as item #5C. ($470 vs. $525).

    Price: US $470 (emailed .docx file)   Item #5C    Order Form  

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